translated from Spanish: Russian opponent Navalni was poisoned with toxic agent Novichok: German government

Berlin.- Russian opponent Alexei Navalni was poisoned with a substance used in the production of chemical weapons and belonging to the group of the toxic agent Novichok, said on Wednesday the German government spokesman, Stefen Seibert, based on toxicological examinations at the university hospital of La Charité.» We are dismayed that Alexei Navalni was the victim of a chemical weapons attack,» Seibert said in a statement.
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«The German government condemns this attack in the most drastic way. The Russian government is called upon to rule on the case,» he added. Navalni is admitted to Germany, where he was transferred in a coma and on a medicalized plane from a hospital in Siberia after he collapsed.

Security guards outside the Charite clinic where Navalni is admitted to Berlin, Germany. / Photograph: EFE.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to offer a statement this afternoon on the issue, and today she was meeting with foreign ministers, Heiko Maas, Interior, Horst Seehofer, Justice, Christine Lambert, Defence, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Chancellery, Helge Braun, and Vice-Chancellor and Finance Holder Olaf Scholz. EXAMINATIONSThe first tests had found symptoms that Navalni had been poisoned but it had not been possible to specify the substance that had been used in the face of what La Charité chose to ask for the collaboration of a German army laboratory to carry out further analyses. Seibert’s statement says the results leave no «place to doubt» of poisoning with a substance from the Novichok group, which affects the nervous system. Doctors treating Navalni and his family have been informed of the results and the German Government will address them with partners in the EU and NATO and have come into contact with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. You may also be interested: Latin America adapts to contain COVID-19 contagions and maintain activities Among fear and hope: this is volunteering for a COVID-19 vaccineThe population in Brazil grows and approaches 212 million inhabitants

Original source in Spanish

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