translated from Spanish: Second Report THE DEBATE

Beyond many pros and cons, the reality is that the six-year term of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has reached its third year. The third year began from July, but with the delivery of the second report to the Union Congress, the beginning of the third year of government is practically formalized. To start the second half in June after the closing of the polling stations on June 6. That’s politics in a democratic regime. The popular representatives are in office and those who were elected in the next election come into their release.
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No matter the polls, the bots hired on social networks to artificially grow a character, the money spent on campaigns, the media posts of autoelogios, the hundreds and billions of pesos paid in advertising. None of that is left for anything other than the scorn of false popularity. All that’s left is the result of the polls. In the second report the President of the Republic is certain that he begins his second third, it is the third year in which he can consolidate his project of government. If the outcome of the intermediate election confirms that the qualified majority has achieved, it will be able to make the constitutional reforms that build the necessary institutional scaffolding. But it’s also the year his government work will give the outside to his political offering to the public, which will go to the polls in nine months. That’s the political reality. October 2020
In the last delivery of The DEBATE Readings, it was said that on September 7 the federal electoral process began. On Monday, the president of the PRI in Sinaloa, Jesús Valdez, stated: «As for times, Valdés Palazuelos explained that it will be in October approximately when the surveys are started in the PRI to analyze the profiles of the people who have raised their hands, in order to know what society is asking for, it is demanding and hence determining the best to be launched to the candidate of the different popular election posts that will be participants in the elections next year» (THE DEBATE, 1/Sep/2020). That is, in October the PRI will start measuring with polls the political actors who may have the possibility of being nominated by that party. It is to be hoped that if that does the PRI, other parties will also start working on similar, if not equal, actions. Anyway, it’s increasingly seen that actors and parties are starting to position themselves on the social stage in view of the local and federal elections of June 2021.Paragraphs: Care for clients in times of pandemic
At Calle San Guillermo 3503, in the Royal Valley fraction, in Mazatlan, you will find one the restaurant «Rub Bbq», sell ribs and roast meat. He goes one and finds respect for customers in times of pandemic. The place has two service lines: takeaway and attention to people who go to the restaurant. Customers receive care with waiters with mouth covers and sit them down with a separation table. In addition to the service is not interrupted by takeaway orders. The food is good and the atmosphere clean. It is to be recognized the efforts of these young entrepreneurs who in the midst of the pandemic respect and care for their clients at home and those who go to the place. Besides being good food. This is how the pandemic is tackled with work, undertaking a business, respecting the instructions of the Secretary of Health of the state government, and, above all, taking care of its clients and workers. This is citizen participation in times of pandemic. Congratulations to these young Sinaloan entrepreneurs, working and creating jobs with healthy

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