translated from Spanish: SFP files 44 complaints against officials over The Master Scam

In its Second Task Report, the Secretariat of the Public Service (SFP) reported that it had filed a total of 44 complaints for alleged diversions of money related to the so-called Master Scam and involving an amount of more than 4 billion pesos.
The Master Scam is a journalistic investigation conducted by Animal Politics and Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity that revealed a system of corruption in which 11 federal government agencies entered into agreements with eight public universities to hire alleged services for 7 billion pesos.
However, universities in turn outsourced 186 companies that turned out to be ghosts, and therefore services were not done and public money simply disappeared.
The SFP report details that agreements concluded by 27 Federal Public Administration agencies with higher public education institutions were revised to identify possible acts constituting crime in the journalistic investigation.
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Following this review, the SFP filed 44 criminal complaints, 5 are related to Petróleos Mexicanos Exploración y Producción; 6 with the National Banking and Securities Commission; 2 with the Federal Electricity Commission; 2 with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit; 8 with the Secretariat for Territorial and Urban Agricultural Development, and 11 with the Ministry of Welfare; 2 with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
The rest relate to: the Secretariat of the Economy; Secretariat for Foreign Affairs; Forecasts; Mexican Food Security; National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission; Mexican Youth Institute; Agricultural Attorney’s Office and National Agricultural Registry, units that each have a complaint.
The report refers that these secretariats and bodies had to do with a total of 62 conventions, «in which public servants were possibly involved in the way they operate known as the Master Scam, which could represent a property impact
to the era of up to $4,528’870,469.87, not yet determined.»
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While the Master Scam investigation focused only on 2013 and 2014, it was a modus operandi that occurred throughout the six years, and which the Federation’s Senior Audit alerted since 2014 to possible diversions from public universities contracted by units to make services outside its educational or research nature.
Although The Master Scam involved more than a hundred former civil servants, passing through the 11 incumbents and even those responsible for the release of public resources from the Federation Treasury, only Rosario Robles, former surrogate of Sedesol, is in informal prison.
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