translated from Spanish: Donate Cobaes thousand 500 plastic caps for children with cancer in Mocorito

Mocorito.- Garbage that becomes hope and with the sole objective of supporting the treatment of children with cancer of scarce resources, today College of Baccalaureates of the State of Sinaloa, through the EMSAD 107 Campus, of the syndicature of San Benito donated about a thousand 500 plastic caps for this purpose to “Casa Valentina IAP” and the DIF Mocorito System , Sinaloa.The Hemiiclo to “Rafael Buelna Tenorio” under strict health protocols was the venue for this brief, but emotional event that was attended by the mayor of Mocorito, Guillermo Galindo Castro; the president of the municipal DIF system, María Elizalde de Galindo; Cruz Elizabeth López Rojo, president of “Casa Valentina IAP”, and representatives of the commercial sector of the Magic Village.
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There, on behalf of the Cobaes family, the students of the campus, Vianey Gastélum Cervantes, and the director of the educational center, María de los Angeles Higuera López, deposited in the “heart of steel” more than a thousand 500 plastic caps collected during the previous semester. This action was part of the integrative project of the educational community, which covered the care of the environment, the collection of cardboard and deteriorated books that were similarly delivered to the private assistance institution. Gastélum Cervantes, originally from the community of La Huerta and close to the fifth semester in Cobaes, called this experience “very pleasant, because the collective work of all its companions will serve a noble cause such as helping children with cancer in their chemotherapys”.

“Peace Environments” Program Photo: Courtesy

With the satisfaction in her face by the contribution made, the enthusiastic student who serves as the monitor responsible for the program “Environments of peace” reported that the culture of recycling and entrepreneurship, are values put into practice in College of Baccalaureates.The municipal president of Mocorito, Guillermo Galindo Castro, highlighted the altruistic sense of this activity and invited the citizen to get involved in the collection of tapitas to acquire more free treatments for children with this suffering. The president of “Casa Valentina IAP”, Cruz Elizabeth López Rojo, noted that the institution helps children with low-income cancer who live outside the locality and receive treatment in Culiacán, providing them with accommodation and food.” Plastic caps that are collected to support children with cancer are sold to companies that grind and reuse plastic to make new products. The resource obtained from the sale of the caps is used to help cover the cost of comprehensive treatment of children with cancer,” he concluded.

Original source in Spanish

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