translated from Spanish: Government creates National Industrial Parks Program

On Thursday, the Government formalized the creation of the National Programme for the Development of Industrial Parks, which will be intended to promote territorial ordering, promoting schemes of associativism and cooperativism that promote industrial development.

Through Decree 716/2020 published today in the Official Gazette, it was indicated that the Programme will also aim to influence local productive planning, sustainable and inclusive development and encourage job creation. This is one of the measures announced Wednesday by the Government at the Industry Day event.There, The Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, advanced a series of measures for the revival of the industry, including the creation of this program, which forecasts more than $3 billion in contributions and funding over the next 12 months, to attend and develop 300 parks in the period 2020-2023.

According to the decree, the National Program for the Development of Industrial Parks will provide for tools aimed at financing studies for the establishment, expansion or regularization of industrial parks. In addition, it will integrate elements for the establishment of companies or expansion of their productive capacities; the acquisition of lots by part; and the execution of intramural and extra-wall infrastructure works, through national or local public bodies. The decree also creates the National Register of Industrial Parks (Renpi) in order to collect, produce, monitor, record and systematize data and information about them throughout the national territory and the companies based therein, to optimize territorial planning and management of productive policies. The Renpi will contain a specific classification intended to record the registrations of technological industrial parks, understood as those where the establishment of companies based on technological science is promoted, in an innovative environment, with high technology and linkage with the academic and research sector.

Finally, the standard creates the National Observatory of Industrial Parks, in order to have a tool that allows to adopt definitions on the allocation of the benefits contemplated under the program, analyze those requests related to the realization of extra-ural works, as well as implement a comprehensive approach to the issue aimed at generating federal policies. Also to facilitate an exchange space to promote regional development by promoting policies related to industrial parks throughout the national territory, promoting associativism and cooperativism within them.
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