translated from Spanish: What movie makes Marilyn Manson cry?

Artist Marilyn Manson who is promoting his new album «We are Chaos» in a recent interview spoke of everything and confessed his admiration for another renowned musician. Marilyn in dialogue for Revolver stated that when they began recording the album with Shooter Jennings, British artist Elton Jhon had won a Grammy Award with Brandi Carlile. It was there that he told the great admiration he has for the composer. «We got together with him (Elton Jhon) and he kissed me on the cheek. I cried a lot because not only his music, but his songs are beautiful and many of his lyrics break my heart.»
In making this statement the journalist delve a little defied and Manson recounted that «Rocketman» the musician’s biopic is the film that makes him cry the most: «I cry every time I see her. It’s very special to me.»

Admiration and affection would seem mutual as Manson was invited to participate in Elton Jhon’s video clip «Tiny Dancer». a video that Sir John took no more than 45 years to record, as the song dates back to the 1970s or more specifically from 1972, and was a Hit that artists such as Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Tim McGraw reversioned, but Elton reneged on it, and just in 2017 released the video for the popular song. 

Well, now we come to learn that his «satanic reverence» has his little heart and every time he looks at the movie of Elton John’s life or listens to any of his songs, he gets deeply excited. 

Did quarantine soften his metal heart?

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