translated from Spanish: Authorities verified compliance with measures for the Superclassic

The mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Felipe Guevara, arrived this morning at the National Stadium to verify the implementation of the health and safety measures arranged for the superclassic between Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo, which will be played this Sunday at 14:00 hours in the coliseum of Ñuñoa.La regional authority was present next to the health seremi RM Paula Labra, the president of Azul Azul, Cristián Aubert, the sports managers, Sergio Vargas and Rodrigo Goldberg, and Carabineros.Guevara explained that “here will be a maximum capacity of 390 people, including players, ballpelotas, leaders, press and police. There is therefore no possibility that a person who is not properly accredited will enter the stadium.” The mayor assured that from the houses it is “the only way to see this wonderful sporting meeting between Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo, enjoying this party from home”. The authority explained that on Sunday there will be three rings inside the stadium. “The first ring is where we are right now, the court. People here should have a PCR up to 48 hours in advance that obviously needs to be negative,” he said. In the same line, he added that “the second ring is the stands, where the accredited press and the leaders will be. And the third ring is the parking sector, with the CDF team and vehicles bringing to the technical staff, leaders and players, among others. And outside the stadium are the rings arranged by Carabineros for the checks that are to be carried out and that will be as if it were a normal match, with public.” For its part, the health service, Paula Labra, noted that “we have monitored the implementation of the protocols provided by the ANFP, MINDEP and MINSAL here at the Estadio Nacional, where everything necessary has been arranged to protect and safeguard the health of the players of the teams, the technicians, managers, the press and all those who will be present”. Labra recalled that in the communes in Preparation, such as Auñoa, 25 people can gather in enclosed places and 50 in open places, but called for self-care and responsibility for the use of masks, hand washing and social estating. In addition, he stressed that last date “we were able to see that there was good behavior on the part of those who implemented the protocols, both before and in the development of the parties”. Finally, Christian Aubert, president of Azul Azul, said that “all the protocols and requirements of the authorities have been met, and with all the needs to make this a safe match, an orderly party and everything that is expected of a classic. So I would like to make an invitation to all fans to watch the match at home, taking advantage of the schedule and making it a different and unforgettable classic.”

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