translated from Spanish: Andrea Legarreta is transferred to the hospital in an isolation capsule (Video)

Mexico City.- Andrea Legarreta set off the alarms of her followers after sharing a few videos, through her Instagram account, where she is transferred in an isolation capsule to the hospital, as she and her family tested positive for COVID-19.
In the clip, the driver is seen lying on the capsule with a water cover as she passes through the hospital corridors. Legarreta appreciated the protocol used during his transfer with a message on his social network.
«So the walk through the corridors to protect yourself and others. Admirable work of our hospital staff. My respects and admiration. God bless you,» he wrote. In a second video, he shared the patient’s point of view when inside the capsule.
Andrea Legarreta is transferred in COVID isolation capsule to the hospital
— Pau Watanabe (@WatanabePau) September 4, 2020

«To see the care and management to move COVID patients in hospitals. Thank you to everyone who has taken care of me. My respects,» Andrea Legarreta shared in the second publication. Later, in the hospital room, today’s driver spoke, through a third video, about her and her family’s health, ensuring that the symptoms they have suffered are mild.
«This video I’m doing very fondly for all the people who have contacted us, asking how we’ve been in health. We’re doing great. My family’s fine. Nina lost her sense of smell and taste a little bit. Mine also feels good: she has had tiredness and body pain, but today she feels much better. Erik has also had tiredness and body pain. They’re the ones who have had the best time. In my case, I’m fine, positive, with a good attitude. But I get to suffocate a little,» he said. Last Monday, the Hoy program reported that Legarreta had tested positive for coronavirus.
this was said by today’s
— Pau Watanabe (@WatanabePau) September 4, 2020

Her partner, Galileo Montijo, detailed that her family – her husband Erik Rubín, and her daughters, Mia and Nina – tested positive, but they are well.
«Our dear Andrea Legarreta took a COVID-19 test came out positive. She and her family thank God are well,» Galilea Montijo said.
«He feels so bad, with this part that his body and head do hurt. Thank God everything’s fine, we know it’s going to be okay, we have to think positive,» he added.

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