translated from Spanish: Creature-20 presents its phase 4: summit to reflect on violence and inequality

This Saturday 5 September at 18 hours the proposal is called Creature-20, the performmatic summit that presents its phase 4 and proposes to reflect on the situation in view of the “new normal” (or new abnormality) in relation to problems of violence and inequality. To address the rebellion to normopathy, interventions will think of abnormality in response to the normalization of violence and inequality with guests such as Peter Pal Pelbart (from Brazil), Louis Yupanqui; Mabel Bellucci, Alfredo Olivera. It will have interference from Leo Masliah (Uruguay). And close the ava rocha (Brazil) day with an experimental show.
Performances, artistic interventions, conferences, debates and workshops, among other activities, make up the programming of a space with a proposal: discuss and imagine diagnoses, conflicts and exits around the COVID-19 context through a phased summit. Creature-20 proposes to discuss and imagine diagnoses, conflicts and exits around the Covid-19 context, through a phased performance summit and programming that will include a transdisciplinary and international menu, based on a series of urgent themes and agendas such as: crisis and pandemic (#NuevAnormalidad), sexualities, feminisms and dissents (#SeVaACaer), art and education (“PedagogiesDelDo), environment, indigenous peoples, agroecology (#NeoExtractivismos), migration, crisis of representation and democracy (#EstadosDeExcepción). Previous Phases
With more than 2500 visualizations, Phase 1 (25/7), Phase 2 (8/8), and Phase 3 (22/8, with more than 3200 views) were available to re-enjoy through these links.
How to participate?
We leave you by clicking here the registration to enjoy the proposal this Saturday, September 5th at 6 p.m.

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