translated from Spanish: FMS Chile prepares for its second day

After the return of the Freestyle Master Series in Chile, much was said about the excellent level that competitors awarded in the first day. Chile is one of the most promising leagues, after a great first season and three promoted with a lot of projection. Ahead of the second date of the league, Tom Crowley and Pepe Grillo, two national champions and already old dogs of the competition, talked to the press about the experience of the first date, rapping without an audience, their expectations for the season and much more.
A little detail: they were both seen very friendly and relaxed at the conference. However, the worst awaits you this Saturday… face off.» Personally, he’s one of the best rappers in all leagues,» pepe Grillo says of Tom. «It’s going to be a very rapper, enjoyable battle and also (I hope) that we, who are the most involved, enjoy it.» The particularity of this rap battle (emphasizing «rap») is that you won’t have an audience waiting to hear the most explosive rhymes to shout. They’ll be all alone, spitting out their rhymes without thinking of contenting the public.» I think we already have to have built-in that the audience is watching us behind the cameras and knowing how to play with it at the stage level is critical,» says Tom Crowley.

In turn, there is another fundamental factor behind this battle: both won their battles on the first day. Perhaps a special motivation to keep collecting the most points. However, this does not change the hunger of both competitors. «Regardless of the results of the battles, you have to go through everything,» Pepe explains. «You always have to go out and play with everything and enjoy it too.»
During this second day, which will begin at 5 o’clock, Pepe Grillo vs Tom Crowley, Nitro vs Joqerr, Acertijo vs Jokker, El Menor vs Esezeta and Ricto vs Teorema will be facing each other.As always, Cayu will be leading the date and the person in charge of musicalizing the battles will be the mythical Dj Athena.

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