translated from Spanish: Hypatia Foundation’s Conversation «Dialogue and Conflict Transformation»

Hypatia Foundation’s Conversation «Dialogue and Conflict Transformation»

Wednesday, September 10 12:00 hrs
Online route at FBLive del CCE-Santiago and Zoom Fundación Hypatia
Registrations The first 100 people to register can participate and make their inquiries via Zoom to the panelists. 

Continues the Cycle of Pioneer Interviews of the Change of Hypatia Foundation. The fourth online conversation is entitled «Dialogue and Transformation of Conflicts» and will be held by Alfredo Zamudio, executive director of the Nansen Centre for Peace and Dialogue and a leading facilitator of global dialogue processes, with more than 30 years of experience in human rights management, humanitarian emergencies and conflict transformation.
Originally from Arica, Zamudio has lived in Norway since 1976, has been director of the Oslo House of Human Rights, director of the Centre for Monitoring Internal Displacement in Geneva and advisor to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
In recent decades it has contributed to the construction of peace in places such as Colombia, Sudan, East Timor, among others. Since 2019, Alfredo Zamudio has given talks in our country and with the Nansen team in Chile, they have supported dialogue capabilities.

This fifth version of the Hypatia Foundation Interview Cycle is co-organized and sponsored by the Cultural Center of Spain –CCE-Santiago – and conducted in alliance with El Mostrador. The guests and guests of the cycle are relevant agents of change from Chile and the world on issues of human development, ethics, climate change, regeneration, gender equity, peace, dialogue and environmental care.
Journalist Aleka Vial, director of The Hypatia Foundation, facilitates conversations about the cycle in which the philosophers Gastón Soublette and Ziley Mora have already participated; climatologist Maisa Rojas, regeneration researcher Ronald Sistek, Women’s Community President Mercedes Ducci and Hay Women EXECUTIVE Director Mai-Nié Chang.
Here are the three previous interviews:
Pioneers of Change: Gaston Soublette and Ziley Mora

Pioneers of Change: Maisa Rojas and Ronald Sistek

Pioneers of Change: Mai-Nié Chang and Mercedes Ducci

Event Tab:
Event: Interview with Alfredo Zamudio
Name: «Dialogue and Conflict Transformation»
Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Hours: 12:00 to 13:30 hrs.
Online: Zoom Foundation Hypatia + FBLive CCE Santiago
Higher reports:
Facebook: Hypatia Foundation / CCE Santiago
Instagram: @fundaciónhypatia /@ccesantiago
Twitter: @fund_hypatia /@ccesantiago
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