translated from Spanish: Lomas de San Isidro kindergarten robbery

Those who report a series of thefts in the Jean Piaget children’s garden in the Lomas colony of San Isidro are the parents and director of the same educational campus, as they pointed out that for months this problem is taking place, so they have already made a series of complaints to the competent authorities but so far have not had favorable answers. Those affected indicated that from March to date they carry seven attempts at theft, so they already have the allegations made, but they ask the authorities, especially the Secretary of Public Security in Culiacán, Oscar Guinto Marmolejo, for their support to prevent such wrongdoing. If you know of a similar situation, report it to the “fon” (667) 728 0579.>Desabasto of vital liquid
Breed is sought that is pending the drinking water pump in the community of La Escalera, Salvador Alvarado, because the breed of this town says that those in charge do not supply enough liquid for their homes, so they ask the Potable Water and Sewerage Board of Salvador Alvarado (Japasa) to take an eye on the matter. If you know of someone who can take care of the jale, send them to the paramunicipal manager, Manuel Beltrán, on the phone (673) 732 02 29.
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>Uncompromising streets
A pigero is in what have been transformed the streets of the ejido Gallo de Limones in Guasave, where they invite him to the dire of Works and Public Services, Mauricio López Parra, to give them a visit, and if it is after a good rain better, so that he can witness how difficult it is to transit them. They no longer dial the phone (687) 871 8702 so as not to waste time because the lousy state of the streets is already quite old and well known by the authorities.>Water!
Well, what to expect so much, then, to fix a drinking water problem, that’s what people from ejido Vallejo, in the municipality of Ahome, and that is that although they say that they already had a lot of time denouncing water supply, they just didn’t listen to them. Total, it was a matter of the breed taking the water treatment plant from the place so that the chalanes of the Japama would come to solve tremendous mess. There if you can, throw the phonazo at the grouper of the Potable Water and Sewerage Board of the Municipality of Ahome (Japama), Aarón Blake, at (668) 8120404, to say if it is necessary to make these pulls of demonstrations or better grab an agenda and they go checking what roll with the damage to fix them according to their urgency and importance , snatch!>Solidarity
The Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage of Escuinapa (Jumapae) makes an attentive invitation to all citizens who want to stand in solidarity with the race of La Concha, because it turns out that the CFE cut off the light to the paramunicipal, which left the vital liquid to the community in mention, so now they invite the whole race to enter the coperacha and thus gather the wool. Those who wish to cooperate with this noble work, please contact (695) 95311990, with Giovani Saracco, manager of Jumapae.

Original source in Spanish

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