translated from Spanish: Mayors officiate Minister Paris to avoid handing over permits from the government’s «Fondéte at home» plan for Fiestas Patrias

Announced confusingly with hype and cymbals, the Government gave the go-to plan «Fondéate at home», which will allow people to gather at their homes to celebrate despite the presence of COVID-19 in Chile. However, he did not leave everyone happy and today a group of mayors seeks to reverse the initiative.
The communal chiefs of La Serena, Ovalle, Coquimbo and Punta Arenas, areas that are quarantined, rate the plan «Fondéate at your home» as a centralist measure and that could increase the possibility of regrowths.
The mayor of Punta Arenas, Claudio Radonich (RN), issued a trade addressed to Minister Enrique Paris so that this measure does not apply in his city, given the increase in cases of COVID-19 in recent days. «The efforts made by the community both at the family and work level in the context of quarantine will be fruitless in the face of a measure such as that provided, which will promote mobility, even more so when limited possibilities for audit are foreseeable,» Radonich says in the misiva
With the same tone, Mayors Roberto Jacob (La Serena), Marcelo Pereira (Coquimbo) and Claudio Rentería (Ovalle), all communes in the quarantine phase, organized themselves to send their apprehensions to the holder of the health portfolio. «We are quarantined, and overnight all steps are skipped and give freedom for those 3 days with special permits for 6 hours to gather in houses. This is absurd, with total centralism. There’s no communication. This letter tells the minister to reverse this measure,» Jacob said in the written medium.
The group of mayors was joined by the edil of Concepción, Alvaro Ortíz, who called the plan a «truly criminal centralism» and a «free chipe». «Generating this measure, perhaps to give them aid for three days, will mean that for many more weeks, these people are going to have to confine the up and they won’t be able to open their businesses, because they’re going to generate regrowths, so the option of economic point of view and the political opinion that a minister like Jaime Bellolio may have cannot be above the opinion of the Minister of Health» Mayor Ortíz added to CNN Chile.

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