translated from Spanish: POI arrested man who contacted victims over Tinder

The Metropolitan Sex Crimes Brigade of the Investigation Police (POI) arrested a 26-year-old subject accused of raping and threatening at least eight women. According to the information provided by the police, this man contacted his victims through social networks (Instagram and Tinder especially), after some conversations they came to his home and when he joined them he locked them in a piece where he threatened them with a firearm or white gun to carry out the sexual assault. After one of the victims made a funeral through Instagram, it was possible that most affected by this situation they will begin to tell their story with the detainee.» The whistleblower performs a funa on the Social Network Instagram, and it is through this funa that other victims initially attach, who subsequently perform a Gmail account, and they unk alia begin to tell one by one their stories that have occurred from 2018 to the end of July 2020″, detailed the sub-prefect Arturo Pacheco.There are eight those affected that thanks to the stories could link the cases , which became fundamental to the investigation, as only one of the women filed a complaint against the suspect in the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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