translated from Spanish: They claim Donald Trump used campaign donations for legal expenses

After the Pentagon said that, for Donald Trump, soldiers who fell into battle were «losers,» and that he was demining those sayings, the relationship with the press and the White House strained again. This time, an article in The New York Times written by Eric Lipton confirmed that Donald Trump would have used campaign donations for legal and personal expenses.» He resorted to campaign donations as a lange for his legal expenses to a much greater degree than any of his predecessors,» the journalist wrote.

Thus, the journalist lists some points on which the current US representative incurred legal expenses with money from donations. Among them are New York, Washington and California. For example, in Washington: «Trump and his affiliates hired lawyers to help their staff members and their family, including a former bodyguard, his eldest son and son-in-law, when they were taken to investigations related to Russia and Ukraine. The Republican National Committee has paid at least $2.5 million in legal bills to the firms that did this legal work.» At the same time, Lipton compares Donald Trump’s legal expenses to those of his predecessors. The president reportedly would have spent $58.4 million in donations on legal work, while Barack Obama spent $10.7 million and George W. Bush «much less.»

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