translated from Spanish: DC President Fuad Chahín: “We have profound differences with the Communist Party”

“I on two occasions, when I was deputy and vice president of the party, it was my turn to support Daniel Jadue in Recoleta for his candidacy as mayor, so it seems to me that it is more of a rhetorical argument to be victimized by anti-communism,” this was Fuad Chahin’s response to Jadue’s site this morning that there is “anti-communism” among central-left leaders.
In an interview with Chilevision, the Phalangist helmsman addressed the sayings of the PC’s building and the relationship between the two parties, noting that, even when they have shared a coalition, “we have profound differences.”
Without directly targeting a possible candidacy of Jadue to La Moneda which, by the way, is supported by the polls, Chahín said he was convinced that “the country does not want candidacies representing polarization, extremes” and, therefore, “the DC will have its candidacy”.
Let us remember that Daniel Jadue advanced this morning to The Third that his party raises, in the face of the 2021 presidential election, that “let’s all go to elementary school and have the program that wins primary school become the backbone of the program that we agree with among others.”
Chahín replied that they are also available to go to a presidential primary, but “with a framework previously defined from a programmatic and political point of view, which re-entrusts democratic and human rights principles in Chile and elsewhere in the world.”
“If that framework is well defined,” he said, “we will participate in primaries.” But “what we’re not available for,” he added, “is to go to a presidential primary where the one who wins takes the program for the house and the rest only has to support.”
“And we don’t think it’s a good idea to get totally divided at the first round either. So on the presidential issue we are available without a priori exclusion, but previously defining the framework,” the D.C. President said.

Fuad Chahín confirmed today that he will run for office again in the january 2021 internal elections, with the aim of “returning political and electoral preponderance” to the party.
The Christian Democrat president told El Mercurio that “we need to transform this political prominence that we have into the electoral prominence. And since the internal elections are going to be before the municipal elections, I think that process is unfinished and that is why, after talking to many militants, I have made the decision to repost myself to the presidency of the party, to end that process, so that I can finish the cycle.”
While there is still no clarity on the lists, he reiterated that for him, the efforts of the eventual table should aim to “face the electoral challenges we have next year.”

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