translated from Spanish: Jaime Mulet announces his presidential candidacy for FREVS

In an activity carried out by the Zoom platform and broadcast by all its social networks, the regionalists handed over their reasons and their vote of confidence to the candidate. Following the proclamation, Mulet, accompanied by his command in symbolic Plaza Italia, noted that «we know it is a difficult task, but we are making this effort to go to a great legal primary and properly between opposition parties.» He also stated that «this is a candidacy that we put at the service of all the transformative opposition, the one that is available to make profound changes in the country, to defeat the right, which today dresses as a social democrat, as before dressed differently and as surely in the future it will continue to do, but that when it reaches the government it imposes a heavy hand always and deepens the neoliberal model.» We want to invite those who truly want to make the profound changes that our Chile needs, for example, we have to think about a green infrastructure, strongly support development but with a circular economy thinking about the territories, the relationship of people and the territory, in a decentralized way,» he added. It also held that they should have «special concern in this constituent process that is coming and in which we have actively participated, that fundamental changes should be made from those of principles as important as that Chile is a multinational state, for effective equality between men and women, to end this constitution and with this patriarchal society, as vertical , so discriminating and segregating, to transform the country and lead it towards a kinder, more inclusive society that has to be translated into constitutional reforms as well.» Mulet felt that «we have to actively fight for that fairer Chile from the point of view of economic concentration, deconcentrate, distribute the tax burden to the richest families, build those 600 thousand missing homes that are waiting right here in the Metropolitan Region and in the rest of the country, but with the participation of the people, including it , talking to them so that they can build their own community and not impose one on them. Articulating wills like what the Regionalists did to achieve 10%, and that’s where we want to move forward to transform the country and make it fairer.»

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