translated from Spanish: Mendoza: a woman was murdered and thrown into a well

A 67-year-old woman who was missing a week ago was found in a water extraction well, about 80 meters deep, on a site that functions as a party hall in the town of Maipú, Mendoza province.Following this episode, a 35-year-old man who worked inside the place as an electrician and plumber , was arrested as a suspect in the crime and made available to local Homicide Prosecutor Gustavo Pirrello, who took part in the case. According to court sources to the local press, suspicions suggest that the crime occurred in the context of a dispute between the woman and the detainee over labour issues.

The finding of the victim’s body, identified as Dora Hidalgo, occurred this Saturday in the event hall «Luna India», located in the town of Coquimbito, where the woman worked as a landlady performing various maintenance and cleaning tasks, in addition to feeding the dogs of the place. One of the hypotheses analyzed by the researchers is that the woman, who was originally from Cordoba, was killed and then thrown into the water extraction well, where she was found about 80 meters deep. Mendoza police have been searching for Hidalgo intensively since August 31, when his relatives reported his disappearance. During this Saturday’s search, first, the agents found traces of blood in the well’s mouth and then, as the area was explored, they found traces of hair, until finally, about 80 meters away, they found the body.

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