translated from Spanish: Older adult requires support for diabetic standing medical expenses in Culiacán

Culiacán.- Enriqueta Ponce Zamora an adult of 87 years of age needs support to be able to acquire medical care and cover medical expenses, since they have a diabetic foot which has ulcers that have caused the amputation of her fingers in addition to severe pains in Culiacán, adult Sinaloa.La in addition to being diabetic and maintaining circulation problems is also visually disabled so it depends on special care of her family.
Rosa Isela Hirata Ponce daughter of Enriqueta commented that her mother has about four months with health complications on her foot, so there have already been many expenses between an operation, healings and medications.
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«The truth is what I would most like right now is for a specialist doctor to be able to see and analyze his health in his foot, because I would not want him to lose it as he was making more progress to his ulcer through all his toes and part of his foot,» the daughter said, in the face of the economic complications and health of the older adult. The family commented that Enriqueta is over 20 years old without being able to see, but she has always been a very active person, so being active in the home I witness a scratch which caused complications in her left foot. They mentioned that doctors in giving him care said his foot was like a bomb, which is why any smaller blow would cause an ulcer of such magnitude that it would affect the blood circulation of his foot.

Enriqueta needs your support Photo: Courtesy

«The wounds were healing him but my mom no longer has a pulse in her foot and because of the same diabetes she is no longer healing, we have a lot of expenses and we no longer know where to turn we owe a lot already in loans,» said Rosa Isela.The drugs the older adult needs is 500mg levofloxacin, clindamycin, plus financial support for medical studies like electrocardiogram , left shoulder ap and oblique, thorax pa. If someone can support Enriqueta with medication or financial support for the studies she requires, they can contact the family at 6672537800.

Original source in Spanish

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