translated from Spanish: Quarantine effect: Condom sales grew by 400% since March

Every Six September World Sex Day is celebrated and for this occasion, Rappi, the application of shipments and technology conducted a survey and survey on their sexual welfare requests and determined that from 1 January to 30 August the sale of condoms grew by 250%. In addition, among other sex products, the consumption of lubricating gels and stimulants was highlighted and it was also noted that since social, preventive and mandatory isolation began, the demand for these articles quadrupled.

The survey was conducted taking into account orders from pharmacies, kiosks and supermarkets and it was also discovered that the least “fiery” day of the week is on Tuesday and the peaks of demand are triggered on Thursdays before dinner, and on Saturdays and Sundays between 19 and 22, while among the preferred flavors stands out the Tutti Frutti.The 10 most chosen condoms

Extra Lubricated
Cold/heat effect

The 5 most purchased intimate gels

Intimate neutral lubricating gel
Intimate lubricating gel with L-Arginine
Lubricant gel intimate heat effect
Intimate cold-effect lubricating gel
Tutti Frutti-flavored intimate lubricating gel

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