translated from Spanish: Santiago Cafiero scored against Macri and Vidal for land takes

Given the recent usurpations of hectares and land take-offs in some areas of the province of Buenos Aires, the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, pointed against previous management.» They did nothing to solve the housing problem in the province of Buenos Aires. They have a responsibility for taking land because they did nothing for four years, only to create poverty,» the official said. In conversation with Radio Mitre, the chief of staff demined former President Mauricio Macri’s announcements regarding housing and cheap credits: «None of that happened. It was one more unfulfilled promise.»

In turn, he assured that this is not a problem these days, but is a continuation of events that occurred in 2019.» In the province of Buenos Aires comes from last year and that of Villa Mascardi takes three years and ended with a dead man, which is what happens when things get bad,» he stressed. On the same line, Cafiero pointed to the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal: «He did not do social housing programs or lots with services, nor urbanizations. Public policy was very poor in that regard.»
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