translated from Spanish: Cancel macrosimulacro on September 19 by COVID

The National Civil Protection Coordination and the Government of Mexico City announced the cancellation of the macro-tomb of September 19 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Civil Protection said in a statement that the decision is intended to avoid agglomerations and that emergency bodies are not compromised.
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In the event of a significant seismic alert or activation of the official seismic alert, detailed in the text, the population should follow the recommendations of the Civil Protection Authorities and address health measures:

Staying calm
Retreating to lower-risk areas, such as trabes, columns, or cargo walls
Do not use elevators or stairs
Stay away from windows, mirrors and objects that may fall
If you are on the ground floor and you have an open place, it is recommended to leave
If personal safety is not put at risk, disconnect electricity and close water and gas keys

Instead of the drill, the authorities recommended reviewing and updating the family risk prevention plan, identifying lower-risk areas, establishing roles to follow in case of anism, and having the emergency backpack ready.

? Because of health contingency, #CNPC and @GobCDMX, we jointly agreed to cancel the #Macrosimulacro scheduled for 19 September.
— ProtectionCivilSecurity (@CNPC_MX) September 6, 2020

“Once the health emergency is completed, it will be decided to resume the agreement by the end of 2019 to conduct three simulations per seism per year,” the text added.
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