translated from Spanish: Court up confirms disabling Evo Morales as Senate candidate

A Bolivian constitutional court rejected on Monday (07.09.2020) the request of former President Evo Morales to allow his candidacy for the Senate, which had already been disqualised by the electoral management body.
Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) ruling, which disabled Evo Morales’ candidacy for the upper house, was validated by the Second Constitutional Chamber of La Paz with two votes for and one against, attorney Jorge Tamayo told the media.
Provisional President Jeanine Añez celebrated the resolution, with a twitter message in which she stressed that the government again stood back morales «with the law in hand, without violence or confrontation.»
The vote had been tied last week when one of the vocals backed morales the guardianship requested to enable him as a candidate for first senator for the Cochabamba region for his party, the Movement to Socialism (MAS), and a second vowel rejected it.
In the session installed on this day, a third dirimidor vowel «voted to deny guardianship to Evo Morales,» Tamayo said.
Morales promises to up the ruling
The former governor and cocalero leader also reacted with several tweets: «Under threats and process pressures, the dirimidor made an illegal and unconstitutional political decision. History shows that they will be able to disable Evo but will not be able to outlaw the people.»
He also assured that he will abide by the court’s decision, «because our commitment and priority is for the people to get out of the crisis. We will not fall into any provocation.»
Evo Morales (2006-2019), a refugee in Argentina after resigning in November last year, had come to the constitutional court of La Paz to annul the TSE’s decision and allow him to be a candidate for the central region of Cochabamba.
The TSE had denied him the right to run for not having a residence in that region, where he emerged decades ago as a political leader.
Bolivia will go to elections on October 18, a year after the elections overturned by allegations of fraud in favor of leftist Morales.

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