translated from Spanish: From Uruapan, Toño Ixtláhuac calls for building a social coalition

Uruapan, Michoacán. – On tour of the Municipality of Uruapan, Mr. Toño Ixtláhuac met with inhabitants, sectors of society and the media, where he expressed to them the intention of strengthening a front, through which the problems that the state of Michoacán is solved.
During Mr. Ixtláhuac’s various meetings, he listened to the citizens who expressed his feelings, concerns and limitations as a society. Opinion of the government of the state of Michoacán.
This is how Mr. Ramiro Romero said that government programmes have only been handed over to a few and partisanly, leaving aside families that actually have needs.
Faced with this commentary, Mr. Ixtláhuac stated that, in order to address this problem, it is necessary to strengthen a citizen, including project that focuses on generating better public policies.
«I am touring the state to make good politics, giving it opportunities and listening to the leadership of work, because it is in every colony, in every community and in every municipality of Michoacán, where the voices of free men and women have to be strengthened…»
Finally, Toño Ixtláhuac expressed an interest in consolidating a social coalition, without fear and bravery.
«You have to build a path without fear, with the decision to consolidate a social coalition, the best alliance is not with the parties. It is with sectors, trade unions, men and free women…» Mr. Ixtláhuac said.
In this way, a strong, solid project continues to be formed and with the conviction to walk at a firm pace throughout the State of Michoacán, taking into account all those voices, men and women who want a better future for their families.

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