translated from Spanish: IFE 4: study whether they will give a fourth bonus or if it happens to be an employment bonus

Nearly 9 million people received $30 so far. 000 pesos that was distributed in 3 times, i.e. $10,000 pesos per month, from Anses in order to drive the economic crisis and the taxability of working during the pandemic for the social, preventive and compulsory isolation provided by the National Government. These $10,000 pesos already carry their third installment that will end the payment schedule on 21 Spetiembre with those that their ID ends in 9. With this last installment, Anses is now defining whether there will be a fourth bonus, or if you convert it into an employment bonus. «The universe is not 100% defined and it is not resolved that this is the program that impersons the IFE. It’s a project and it’s the one that sounds the most,» Fernanda Raverta leads from the ANSES. What is in mind is to convert, at some point, the IFE into an employment and training program. Of the 14 million people who requested payment from the IFE, 9 million have accessed and have been collecting it for 3 months. «We know that within the population of 18 to 65 years, there are about 28 million Argentines, with a percentage of people who will have a harder time joining. There we have to think about a public policy,» the anses.Y. headlined Saturday, «From the age of 18 until the age of 24, Argentines have to choose to get into work, with a profession or finishing their compulsory studies. I like to think we’re going to an Argentina where that age strip has to be covered.» Raverta said.
From the Ministry of the Economy, they said last weekend that Family Income will continue, as will the Emergency Assistance to Work and Production (ATP) Programme, for the duration of «the health emergency situation and the pandemic is preventing productive activities.»

The National Director of Economy, Equality and Gender of the Ministry of Economy, Mercedes D Alessandro, stressed that the IFE «for now persists, although it is a gigantic fiscal effort because GDP is almost a point». Thus, the civil service operater implied that there could be a fourth round of the $10,000 bonus to the nearly 9 million people who receive it. D’Alessandro noted that there is a group of workers who are very concerned and it is the area that falls within the responsibility of domestic workers in this line said: «It is the first job option that women have in Argentina. If you look at what Argentines work for, the main occupation is to be a domestic worker and it is also the most precarious work with the least wages»For this reason it highlighted the need to maintain the IFE especially for these workers.When will the IFE 4 be charged? While it does not yet have an official payment schedule, it would be paid in late October and early November, taking into account the IFE 3 collection schedule.What will be the requirements? For this new edition of the 10,000 pesos bonus, the same requirements will be maintained as for the third, which had modifications from 1 and 2.
Informal workers.
Private house workers.
Social monotributists.
Monotributists of categories A and B.
Be native or naturalized Argentine and resident, with a legal residence in the country not less than 2 years.
Be between 18 and 65 years of age.

That the holder or his family group has no income from:
A work in relation to dependence in the public or private sector.
Be a category C or higher mono-attributeist, or the self-employed regime.
An unemployment benefit.
National, provincial, municipal or Autonomous City of Buenos Aires retirements, pensions or contributory or non-contributory retirements.
Social plans, supplementary social wages, Make Future, Empower Work or other national, provincial or municipal social programs.

Who is excluded from IFE 4?
People deprived of their freedom.
They cannot access the bonus under the age of 25 who live with parents with a blank job.

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