translated from Spanish: Juana Viale criticized Alberto Fernández for the photo with Hugo Moyano

A few days ago, a photo of President Alberto Fernández with Hugo Moyano, Fabiola Yáñez and the trade unionist’s family went viral. It was heavily criticized because none of them have water cover or respect social estating, which generated the outrage of many people. One of them was Juana Viale who, in The Night of Mirtha, a program that has been driving since the pandemic began, criticized the president’s actions.

“Suddenly you see him in Quinta de Olivos taking pictures, hugging Moyano and Moyano’s son, when he is punished by law,” criticized Viale, who minutes earlier had shown his outrage at the president’s decision to “give a dog” to Facundo Astudillo Castro’s mother.” I see that image and say ‘It’s not that it’s okay’… if they do, if the president does… why am I not going to do it?” the driver mused.

“When the thief who wanted to steal was murdered, there were five blocks of escort firing the offender, when all of us are here, that we want to work, that we fulfill, that we leave, that we put on the beard, that we keep our distance. I haven’t visited my grandmother since February. I say it: it outrages me,” he concluded.
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