translated from Spanish: The excitement of a young woman who found her grandfather already deceased by Google Maps

In times of social estating, stories like Yajaira’s can reach our hearts. This is a young woman who found her grandfather, who has already passed away, through Google Maps.

«My grandfather passed away a few years ago. We couldn’t say goodbye,» she wrote through her Twitter account, where she unveiled the news given the thrill of watching the camera keep her family’s memory.

The event happened in Durango, Mexico. When Yajaira was using Street View, he unexpectedly led her to her grandfather, from whom she could not say goodbye when she passed away, in January of this year.

The publication

«Yesterday we discovered that Google Maps eventually drove through his farm and, as we were curious to go through it, where the road ends is my grandfather, sitting there,» he wrote in a commentary that had a reach of 4 million views.

The comment of one of the users

In this context, dozens of users shared their experiences, including Ivan. «On Google Maps when you stop by my grandmother’s house, my grandpa who passed away in 2014 comes out. every now and then we stop by with the browser to see it, it’s like a mini legacy that I hope will never get it out,» he said.

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