translated from Spanish: They arrested a girl who went out to buy school supplies during protest in Hong Kong

Hong Kong.- Sunday’s protests in Hong Kong, which were heavily suppressed by police, ended with 289 arrests, but the most shocking thing about the moment was the persecution of a girl as young as 12 who had gone out to buy school supplies.
According to police, 270 of those arrested were for illegal assembly, while a woman was arrested for an alleged violation of the controversial national security law for chanting independence slogans. Others were fined for violating the ban on meetings of more than two people, as a preventive measure against the spread of coronavirus, which has left at least 96 people dead in Hong Kong among the 4,878 cases diagnosed to this day.
In response to acts considered “illegal and selfish”, pepper spray was fired, this is a widely used resource in demonstrations.
Among the people who ended up on the ground with several policemen on top allied a 12-year-old girl who, he explained to the Hong Kong press, left home to buy school supplies.
According to the officers, the girl “suddenly ran suspiciously,” so the police reduced her “using the minimum force needed,” though she was treated as if she were a dangerous criminal.
The authorities were reportedly concerned about the participation of young people in illegal meetings, as “their presence in the protests also jeopardizes their security.”
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The child’s mother told the middle Apple Daily that she plans to file a complaint and a formal complaint. Her daughter, along with her older brother, was buying useful when the girl ran for a scare. Both were fined and she resulted in scratches and punches.
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