translated from Spanish: University of Chile and Colo Colo signed a fried draw at the Estadio Nacional

University of Chile and Colo Colo signed on Sunday an opaque draw to a goal at the Estadio Nacional, leaving both teams more doubts than certainties in the game, for the ninth date of the 2020 National Championship.With this result, the Albo team reached eight points and stayed in the fourteenth position of the table, while the collegiate cast reached 16 units and placed in the fourth place of the rankings , six from the leader Catholic University.When the party was even in the process, zero broke in Auñoa and went in favor of the ‘Cacique’. Within 12 minutes, Pablo Mouche left in speed on the left and gave way to Esteban Paredes, who within the area defined with a level finish with the inner edge. With the 16th goal, the ‘7’ of the popular cast equalled Carlos ‘Tanque’ Campos, remembered as a member of the Ballet Azul, as the top scorer in Superclassics.After the opening of the account, the match went into constant friction, with a lot of strong leg and referee Julio Bascuñán frequently squealing the actions for fouls. Five yellow cards showed the judge of the brega in the first stage, three in the premises and two in the outsider. To highlight in the initial stage a half-distance finish of the Leonardo Valencia steering wheel that found the safe reaction of the goalscorer Fernando de Paul (38′). As soon as the add-on started it stuck the ‘U’ with parity in the main sports venue of the country. In the first approximation of those of Caputto, at 47 minutes, he pulled a strong left-hander from outside the area that surprised the archer Brayan Cortés, who stayed stuck in the center of the arch and saw the spherical pass by her left side. After parity, the ‘U’ advanced lines and arrived with some danger to the area of the popular painting. Gualberto Jara’s, for their part, were betting on doing damage through the kickback. Just in the final stretch of the brega returned the excitement with two clear chances of goal. Argentine battering ram Matías Blandi had it for the visitor in the 70th minute, with a headbutt in a comfortable position – after great attendance from Matías Fernández – who incredibly went above the crossbar. Soon after, at 73′, it was the turn of the ‘U’. Walter Montillo’s precise filtered ball for Joaquín Larrivey, who went alone to face Brayan Cortés but was wrong to define and sent the ball to the body of the albo finish line. By the tenth date of the tournament, the ‘Cacique’ will receive O’Higgins on Wednesday 9 September and the Blues will visit Deportes Iquique a day later.

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