translated from Spanish: Women call for resignation from CNDH holder; will take headquarters in states

Collectives of women who took a seat of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) ensured that they will not hand over the offices and requested the resignation of their holder, Rosario Piedra Ibarra.
The women said they gave a titimatum for the headquarters lockers to collect their files on Monday or burn them, they said that in the face of the zero attention given to them by the CNDH they will take headquarters in other states to use as shelters for relatives of victims.
«The truth gets in my way, we have a lot of families that we need to get some rest and nothing else get in our way, for having the offices closed for having their papers,» Yesenia Zamudio-mother of Marichuy Jaime Zamudio, who was murdered in 2016, said at the main entrance of the Yesenia Zamudio building.
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She, along with other women who lead the taking of CNDH facilities in the Historic Center, called for the resignation of Piedra Ibarra: «that she has soteen dignity and that she better go, since she already stole it, since she stays, but since she leaves,» she said outside the headquarters according to the newspaper Reforma.
Following women’s statements, through a communiqué the CNDH asked women to briefly agree on a working table and «establish their safeguarding protocol, as they are dossiers containing sensitive information and basis for investigations into alleged human rights violations».
Zamudio responded to the president’s sayings that pints at headquarters and in Francis I. Madero’s portrait are vandalism. 
He said Madero died many years ago and doesn’t think anyone is crying at him, as the victims are crying for their murdered or missing relatives. 
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He lamented that he aroused more indignation the look of a painting that was not even original, and offered to auction it off, for repairing the damage they had not had. To do this they also painted a new painting by Benito Juárez with paint on him. 
Zamudio said several media outlets have called him to ask him about these statements from the president and asked that they not continue to bother her about something unimportant.
Women have been keeping offices in the Historic Center taken from last Thursday.
The take-off of the facility came after a couple of women who had attended a meeting with the CNDH holder refused to leave the agency’s boardroom, demanding justice for their cases. One of them, whose daughter was raped in 2017, even tied he himself to a chair so she wouldn’t be taken out. In the end they retired from the place, but then feminist groups that had come to support them stayed in the building.
With information from Itxaro Arteta y Reforma (subscription required).
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