translated from Spanish: ANSES: who charges this September 9th?

Fernanda Raverta’s planned ANSES agency continues with the payment of Emergency Family Income (IFE) that already goes for its third installment. This Wednesday, September 9, those who have ID ended in 5 and chose a CBU from the anses website or charged for other bank means begin receiving payment. Also from Tuesday, September 08, Universal Child Assignment (AUH) and Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE) payments resumed. Corresponding to the month of September. Payment schedule for AUI and AFH (Family Assignment per Child) beneficiaries are: 

ID finished on 0: Monday, September 8
IDRs completed on 1: Tuesday, September 9
ID cards completed on 2: Wednesday, September 10
ID end on 3: Thursday 11 September
IDRs completed on 4: Monday, September 14
IDRs completed on 5: Tuesday, September 15
ID cards ended on 6:Wednesday, September 16
ID cards ended on 7:Thursday, September 17
ID cards ended on 8:Friday, September 18
IDRs completed on 9: Monday, September 21

IFE Payment 3 
ID ended September 5: 8 and 9
IDRs completed on September 6:10 and 11
IDRs completed on September 7:14 and 15
IDRs completed on September 8:16 and 17
IDRs completed on 9:18 and 21 September

Pregnancy Allowance (AUE)

Prenatal Allowance and Maternity Allowance

To see the entire Anses calendar click here.

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