translated from Spanish: ByN on the Valencia case: «We wait for justice before making value judgments»

Black and White made a statement this day to respond to the concern of Ms Ximena Ossandón (RN), who asked the concessionaire of Colo Colo to rule on the accusations of domestic violence against the midfielder Leonardo Valencia.In the letter, the public limited company of the ‘Cacique’ indicated to the parliamentarian that «we share with you the deep concern related to gender-based violence that affects many women of the country and the importance of giving signals condemnation of any kind of violence, both inside and outside the stadium.» With the particular case of Leonardo Valencia, at the moment we become aware of its family context, we ask the player for his version of the facts and we demand that he address the case in the context of the respect that every person deserves,» he added.» In addition, we strongly ask you to maintain communications within the framework of the competent bodies established in Chilean law. In this regard, we are pleased to inform you that your case is in the courts of justice who, with all the background in sight, must rule on the particular case. In this regard, the warranty court of San Bernardo, has summoned for November 3, all the parties involved, to hearing not to persevere in the proceedings,» he added. Finally, the presiding body Hannibal Mosa noted that «for us, it is very important to have clarity regarding the judicial opinion, before making value judgments. This is in the sacred right of presumption of innocence that assists any citizen.»

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