translated from Spanish: Deputy Macaya for the use of the UDI of «The right to live in peace»: «It should not be owned by some political sector»

Deputy Javier Macaya addressed the controversy over the UDI’s use of Victor Jara’s song «The Right to Live in Peace» for the Campaign of Rejection in the Plebiscite, and considered that this topic should not belong to a political or ideological sector.
In an interview with CNN Chile, the MP said he is not participating in the UDI campaign strip, and argued that «I believe that culture, art and particularly in the very beautiful content of that song should not be owned by any political or ideological sector either.»
«I understand that this is safeguarded or part of this has to do with copyright. Because I wasn’t involved in the decision or the campaign, I assume that the people who make these decisions (…) make it safe from copyright,» he said.
He also stated that Victor Jara’s song not only identifies the protesters of the social outburst. «The right to live in peace is not only for those within the resistance, I believe it is for all citizens, for the whole country also that she felt at some point victimized and kidnapped by violence.»
«The lyrics of the song identify me a lot, as an UDI deputy, it happens to me that the message of that song is very at heart of the moment Chile lived, perhaps since October,» he added.
Finally, he called controversy over the use of the song «artificial,» and said he would «consider it more serious if copyright was infringed here.»

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