translated from Spanish: Exhibition «Happening de las gallinas» by artist Carlos Leppe at D21 Virtual Gallery

Exhibition «Happening of the Hens» by Carlos Leppe

D21 Virtual opens its second online exhibition. It is an exhibition dedicated to the artist Carlos Leppe, who has unpublished material and focuses on the action of body art «The happening of the hens», executed in July 1974. The exhibition consists of a video record unknown so far, which runs through the room of the Carmen Waugh Gallery and exhibits the various elements that composed this installation and art action, while recording the artist with the flower crown always alive on his neck. In addition, new unreleased photographs of the happening and the audience are included.
D21 Art Projects extends its thanks to photographer Jaime Villaseca, Alfredo Barrios and Antonio Bascuñán for providing the photographic archives and to Justo Pastor Mellado, Alicia Vega and the Cineteca Nacional de Chile for facilitating this piece of video, which is extremely relevant, since until now it was thought that there was no audiovisual record on this work of the artist. 
The online exhibition includes the realization of a catalogue, which will be available soon for free download within the This complements the research work carried out by Justo Pastor Mellado, Catherina Campillay and Mariairis Flores, hosted on the website
About the artist
Carlos Leppe (1952-2015). Chilean visual artist, whose fundamental work is part of the so-called Advanced Scene. His works are characterized by a predominant use of one’s own body, through which he emphasized different problems related to artistic institutionality, sexuality, popular culture and his own biography. Throughout his artistic career, he linked his work in different ways with authors such as Carlos Altamirano, Juan Domingo Dávila, Nelly Richard and Justo Pastor Mellado. Among his most important works are El Perchero (1975), Acción de la estrella (1979), Las Cantatrices (1980), Sala de Espera (1980), Cuerpo Correctional (1981) and Eprueve d’artiste (1982) among many other works described and systematized on the web platform 
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