translated from Spanish: Femicide: Autopsy confirmed Ludmila Pretti was strangled

After Ludmila Pretti’s family, friends and neighbors demonstrated on Monday afternoon at the door of the local police station to seek justice and the arrest of the author of the femicide, the results of the autopsy were known, which indicated that she was strangled. The 14-year-old girl was found murdered on Sunday night in a house located in Diario La Nación 4039, in the Villa Escobar neighborhood, in the aforementioned town of the Moreno party, where she had gone to a party with friends in a house in the Bonaerense town of Francisco Alvarez. The alleged femidide, Cristian Adrián Jerez, 19, remains on the fugitive. 

The cause of Ludmila’s femicide was by asphyxiation, and the mechanism «strangulation to bond», while supplementary studies are awaited to find out whether or not there was sexual abuse. For his part, Ludmila’s father Leandro Pretti assured that the main accused of the crime was talking to him at the police station and ran away when he said he was going to get the document.» He’s a bastard, a scoundrel. I’ve already lost my daughter, I don’t care about anything anymore. If I have a chance to hook them, from the first to the last. I can’t take it yet, I want this to move forward, I want justice to move,» the man asked. In recent hours, for their part, clashes took place during ludmila’s family’s passive call at the police station where they let go of the alleged victim. Although, according to the father, those who initiated the incidents against the police are not known to the family.

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