translated from Spanish: Government announces Wallmapu Committee led by President Piñera: «We are clear that there is an outstanding debt»

This day was held the first formal meeting of the Wallmapú committee, which was led by President Sebastián Piñera with their respective ministries. Following the meeting, the Minister for Social Development and Family, Karla Rubilar, noted that «to be able to deal comprehensively with all the work that was materialized in the great agreement for peace and development of the Araucanía that the President launched in the 9th region during 2018.» The objective of this committee, which will meet every Tuesday at 9 am, is first to relieve the importance that for President Sebastián Piñera and our Government has to face in a comprehensive way the territorial, collective, social development, of our native peoples and also of our communities and our citizens who live in the Araucanía region and in the province of Arauco» , the Secretary of Government explained, further assured that the government «is interested in advancing the search and will for dialogue, as defined by the President. Point one to be relieved is the will for dialogue, agreement and the search for peace.» The dialogue that we will access tomorrow with my presence on behalf of President Sebastián Piñera in the great Traw’n, in the Feta Traw’n de Carahue to which we were invited, is part of the many dialogues that we want to carry out in the different communities and with the different valid interlocutors that exist in the region and in the province of Arauco» Said. In the same line, Rubilar mentioned that «in this process we are also interested in advancing the conversation and concretery for those who have been victims of rural violence in La Araucanía, we make special mention of the process that we must carry out with the victims in the region.» The second point has to do with the recognition and appreciation of cultural diversity. We are interested in advancing legal matters and administrative matters to enable cultural diversity, indigenous institutionality and the political representation of our original peoples to be realized with facts (…) a hope that has been postponed for many years,» he added. In the same line, he stated that «the third point has to do with the integral development of the region and obviously add the lag area of Arauco»»The effort and I want to insist on this, of this committee that has the same rank as the covid committee and therefore has the same relevance to the President of the Republic. It is to give a clear signal that the commitments we have made as a Government on dialogue, recognition and valuation, and the development and momentum of the region and the Province of Arauco must be materialized before the end of the President’s term of office,» she closed.

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