translated from Spanish: Government foresees cuts to 12 units; increases to Defense and Tourism

In 2021, the government estimated to increase the spending of state secretariats. The Treasury requests 1,244.2 billion pesos for next year, a higher amount of 4.8% in real terms compared to 2020.
According to the draft Egress Budget presented to the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, 14 units will have increases to their budget, while 12 will see a reduction from this year.
The secretariats with the biggest increases are Sedena, Sedatu and Tourism.
For National Defense, the government requested a budget of 112,557.2 million pesos for next year, which is 15.7% more in real terms.
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The Treasury noted that the increase will be for the defense of the country, support for public security tasks, the construction of the airport of St. Lucia and the relocation of military installations for this work.
Tourism will have an increase of 641.5% real to remain at 38,613.4 million pesos, much higher than the 5,207.2 million pesos it received in 2020.

This increase is explained by the allocation of resources for the implementation of the Tren Maya project and the development of new tourism projects.
The Secretariat of Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu) with 16,624.9 million pesos which means an increase of 46.9% real.
Health will have a real 9.1% increase to 145,414.6 million pesos, compared to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Welfare, another secretariat that concentrates the government’s priority programmes would have 189,970.6 million pesos by next year, 1.3% more than this 2020.
The resources will be mainly for the Support Program for the Welfare of Children, Children of Working Mothers; Pension for the Welfare of Older Adults; Life Insurance for Heads of Family and Sowing Life.
The units that the elderly would have, according to the project are: the Office of the Presidency (-15.3%); Treasury (-17.3%); Foreign Affairs (-10%) Work (-20.3%).
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According to the proposal, the Secretariat of Labour and Social Security will receive 9,942.7 million pesos for the Young Building the Future program, an amount that constitutes 41% of the total it would receive that is 23,799.9 million pesos.
By 2021, IMSS would receive 901,687.1 million pesos, a budget increase of 5.7% real; while ISSSTE would have 373,525.3 million pesos by next year, up 3.3% in real terms.
Projected allocations for Pemex and CFE amount to 961.7 billion pesos, representing less than 5.1% real compared to 2020.
Hacienda projects for Pemex a 0.6% increase in its resources to 544,598.1 million pesos; while for the CFE the reduction would be 11.6% real to go from 472,096.5 million pesos to 417,145.4 million pesos.
The Energy Regulatory Commission and the National Hydrocarbons Commission will have a cut of 3.1% and 3.3% real, respectively, by 2020, according to the Treasury.
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