translated from Spanish: Humble home burns to the west of Morelia, Michoacán

home Security Humble home burns to the west of Morelia, Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- During the morning of this Tuesday there was the fire of an address in Calle Niño Artillero, located between the colonies Ampliación Niño Artillero and Ignacio López Rayón, to the west of Morelia, a fact that left only material damage.
Information obtained on the site revealed that fortunately the inhabitants were unhinged, as they were not there when the burning occurred. It was neighbours who detected the light and immediately alerted the 911 emergency number.
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The elements of the local police attended the scene and the members of Municipal Firefighters also showed up, the latter fighting the light and suffocating it, the way they avoided affectations in nearby homes.
It was learned that the owner of the injured house was working at the time of the accident, then was informed of the situation and upon arriving at his home found him charred.
The lady said she ignored how the fire began and requested support from law enforcement authorities to rebuild her house, which was made of wood and cardboard sheets. In addition, the above added that it will report the case to the competent body.

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