translated from Spanish: In Culiacán they arrest young man who allegedly threatened his mother to burn down the house if he didn’t give him money

Sinaloa.- The events aroused when Preventive Police of the Secretariat of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Culiacán who were traveling in the Vallado Nuevo sector, were alerted by the emergency service to a woman who reported domestic violence in an address in that sector. So they immediately moved to the home where they were cared for by a 50-year-old woman who told the agents that inside was her son, who lives with her and who had caused damage to the roof of the house when she cut off the wiring of the air conditioner, and who told her «if you don’t give me money I’m going to burn the house down» so for fear of being harmed she called the emergency room for help.
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At the signs, the agents asked her for permission to enter the home and she agreed. Upon entering the officers observed a man sitting down, who was singled out by the victim as the aggressor, it was at that time that he tried to run into the backyard and upon reaching him, a review was carried out with prior authorization to the person who said he was called Irving «N» of 21 years of age who was not assured of illicit object and at the pointing was arrested and transferred to the competent authority for the likely crime of FAMILY VIOLENCE AND/OR WHATEVER. 

Over the past month, SSPyTM has come to provide attention to 150 reports involving domestic violence. The call to citizenship is to denounce by having knowledge about a person who is a victim of these facts, and thereby to promote timely care.

Original source in Spanish

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