translated from Spanish: Senators to introduce bill preventing the hiring of footballers with convictions for VIF

With the objective of dealing with the case of the midfielder of Colo Colo, Leonardo Valencia, who was accused of violence infamiliar by his partner, the senators, Marcela Sabat and Ximena Rincón, met with the president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad.Sabat noted that «it is important that action be taken with regard to the player in question, who already has two convictions on domestic violence and that in some way or another Club Colo Colo also manifests himself and does not continue to remain silent» For his part, Rincón stated that «it is not an easy subject, but we have to start.» For this reason, she was confident that Pablo Milad «take this flag, because not only will we have better football, but we will have taken a giant step to have a better country. We emphasize the need for protocols in the ANFP and in each club»On that occasion lawmakers announced that they will introduce a proeyct of law prohibiting the recruitment of players who have some previous conviction of domestic violence and who have alimony, as with Valencia.As for other measures, at the level of selections there is equality of treatment and prizes and that in training football the minor series up to U12 are mixed and gender equity on the court.

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