translated from Spanish: The Bonaerense government announced “a major pay improvement” to the police

The Bonaerian government anticipated a few moments ago that it will grant a “major wage improvement” to the provincial police following the protests that took place by Force troops. In this line it was reported that the increase “was planned and planned” previously due to the “30% delay between 2016 and 2019″ in the income of the uniformed.” We want to anticipate that this week is going to announce a major pay improvement for the Force. It is not yet defined (the percentage of the increment). We are working with budget readequations,” said Chief of Staff Carlos Bianco, accompanied by Security holder Sergio Berni. 

In this line and from a press conference held, the provincial official added: “It is something that was already planned and planned, but that because of the circumstances that were experienced yesterday (Monday) it was relevant to ensure it to give greater certainty and tranquility to the members of the Force.” For his part, Minister Berni, stated that the announcement will be made “Thursday or Friday” along with the details of the comprehensive security plan: “If there is a situation we were working on, it was in the wages of Bonaerense Police troops, which comes with a significant delay.” He added: “Behind a protest you must always listen. We’re not one of those people who denies a protest. When there’s a protest, you have to listen. Yesterday’s was mainly headed by retired and exonerated relatives and staff, which often serves as leverage to channel some protest from within the Force. The vast majority worked.” The official noted that “budget items are currently being studied,” although he said it will be “an increase that has to do with the work they do, valuing their profession, and the commitment and work they have been doing during this pandemic.” The announcement of the future wage improvement came after the Bonaerense Police and retirees took protests at various points in the Province last Monday in demand for pay increases and improvements in working conditions in force.

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