translated from Spanish: The City will test all close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases

This morning, the Head of Government of Porteño Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and The Minister of Health Fernán Quirós announced that, from now on, all close contacts of the confirmed cases of Covid-19 and not only their converts, as had been done, will be tested.” We are convinced that our policy of early detection, testing, and isolation is the way in the fight against the virus,” the city’s representative argued during a conference held at School 9, from Bacacay Street to 2700, in Flores. “That’s why, starting this week we’re going to take it a step further and we’re going to test everyone who was in close contact with the infected, have symptoms or not”.How will the tests work?

First, “any person who has been less than two metres away for more than fifteen minutes” from the positive coronavirus person is considered ‘close contact’. Also to those who inhabit “collective dwellings”, that is where several families who share a bathroom or kitchen coexist.
Of these people, those who have some of the symptoms of Covid-19 will have a PCR test, while asymptomatics will be tested for saliva

“This is likely to increase the number of records because they are asymptomatic that we add to the number of tests,” Larreta said, explaining that this “is the best way to cut off the circulation of the virus.” 

On the other hand, the Head of Government of Buenos Aires also defended the reopening of bars and restaurants with outdoor tables, a strongly criticized measure, noting that, despite photos portraying crowds on the doors of the premises, “the vast majority met the guidelines” and that, over the days, “the situation will be ordered.” We are convinced that it is better for people to be outdoors, it is much less risky, there is a health issue to justify it,” he said.

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