translated from Spanish: Men sentenced to 42 years in prison for murder offence in Mocorito

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- A sentence of 42 years and 8 months in prison must be served by Juan Carlos “L” after being sentenced in oral trial for imputations made by the Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office, for the offences of aggravated homicide in the degree of attempted to aggravate 2 people, qualified homicide in an attempted degree against 2 people, injuries caused to 3 victims and a crime of family violence. This autonomous constitutional body managed to obtain the determination of conviction in criminal case 242/2018, in which the 7 members of a family in the municipality of Mocorito appear as victims.
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It was on 8 September 2018 that the now-sentenced man committed the assaults against the victims, by which the Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigative folder. Through the work carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, investigators and experts, evidence was established to identify the commission of various offences, so, as of 11 September 2018, the corresponding apprehension order, completed on the same day, was requested. In the initial hearing held on 12 September 2018, charges were made for qualified homicide with an advantage, in an attempted degree, committed in danger of the life of his uncle Pablo “L” and Ramón “L”; aggravated murder by kinship to the degree of attempt, committed in danger of the life of Armando “L” and Rosa Elena “Q”, the latter parents of the aggressor. The offences of qualified injuries with an advantage committed against the health of Ana María “L”, Brianda Paola “Q”, were also charged, being linked to the process on September 16, 2018.The oral trial debate began on August 27, 2020, where allegations were made and began with the relief of the admitted evidence, continuing the trial on 28 and 31 August, on 1 and 2 September, a procedural moment in which the imputation for the crime of family violence committed against Ana María “L” and Brianda Paola “Q” was added, who are her partner and daughter, respectively. The process culminated in the outcome of conviction on September 8, 2020, in which 42 years, 8 months in prison, payment of $20,000 pesos for psychological damage, payment of $6,859.34 for material damage, in addition to the payment of an amount for moral damage, was imposed.

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