translated from Spanish: Cinthia Fernandez crossed Nicolas Magaldi through an unfortunate message in the nets

Channel 9’s decision regarding the show «The Problem Show» was recently known that the cycle would return to its original Talk Show format. Therefore Cinthia Fernández and Mica Viciconte, together with Silvina Luna and José María Muscari would be out of work because of the type of format of the program. And with what it means to be out of work, in any normal situation, crossed by a pandemic is much worse. That’s why Magaldi’s twitter comment turned out to be at least provocative. We know that there is no chance in the media, and that from the position of the driver surely already knew the decision of the kuarzo producer to return to the old format, and the disengagement of her companions. That’s why when Magaldi «casually» published that he had dreamed of his show returning to the previous format. 
Cinthia went out to cross it ironically with a tweet that prayed: Your dream came true, What a mental strength yours! accompanying the publication with an eye wink gif. 
Faced with a comment from a user who labeled her a bite of the hand that feeds her, Cinthia replied: «On the contrary, the end of my work is the decision of the channel, not of him or the producer. I am very sad that the driver of a team instead of hugging his teammates who run out of work at a difficult time, has this kind of attitude. It’s a shame,» he replied. But Magaldi didn’t stand there and interceded, writing, «Hi Cin. We have several days ahead of us to keep demonstrating all the good that this time has been. I don’t put anything to criticize or attack anyone. Let’s stay as a team leaving the best as every day! I’ll see you tomorrow!»

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