translated from Spanish: Santiago Cafiero: “We do not come to administer injustices, but to repair them”

The head of the Nation’s Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, said moments ago that with the withdrawal of funds from the City of Buenos Aires the Government is “doing the same” that former President Mauricio Macri did “but in the opposite direction to benefit the majority.” These are national state resources that are not within the Co-Participation Act. These are resources that the Nation cedes to the City. They are not co-respectable,” the official reaffirmed in this regard. In dialogue with La Red, the minister noted that “Macri gave more money to the richest city by decree. What we are doing is the same, but in the opposite direction to benefit the majority.”

Faced with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s decision to appeal to the Cafiero Supreme Court, he stated that the Rosada House’s move “is constitutional, fair and legitimate” and stressed that it “goes in line with statements he made in 2016 when he receives these funds saying they were not copaypable.” With regard to criticism of the way the cut was implemented, the Chief of Staff stated that “it was not a negotiation” that had to be initiated and stressed that “they were not resources that were well allocated”, so he considered that what the Government did was “deliver justice.” It was badly realized, you were talking to the City, a decision was postponed because there was the highest moment of the pandemic. This situation comes to repair the injustices of macrism. We are not here to administer injustices, but to repair them,” he said. That we have regular meetings? Yes, of course. He says that in these meetings this topic was not touched, but we can tell him that in December, barely assumed, we were already working with the City raising this problem that we had to solve and asked us for time until January,” he said. 

He continued in this line: “We had a lot of patience and spent a lot of time showing him that the resources Macri had given the City had been excessive. It is true that in recent times we have not talked about this in a long time. He was informed of the decision the same day, but it was something that was being treated the same day.” We need to continue to mark the responsibility that brought some peace of mind to society, showing that there is a coordinated policy beyond political colors,” he considered in this regard the epidemiological scenario. “The fight against the pandemic must continue, beyond the significance of yesterday. There’s no broken dialogue. We’re going to keep arguing, working on all the points we have with the City. We have a permanent job, because we have to coordinate,” Cafiero said.
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