translated from Spanish: CABA surpassed 110,000 coronavirus contagions

After exceeding 110,000 coronavirus contagions in Ciudad, intensive care bed occupancy is 61.1%, the Porteño Ministry of Health reported this morning. In the public health system, 275 critical beds are occupied out of a total of 450, while in moderate cases the occupancy is 41.8% (628 out of 1,500 available) and in the mild 28.2% (1,414 out of 5,000). As for the fatality rate, i.e. the percentage of decesses on positive diagnoses, it remains at 2.57%. The Port Government side added that 1,002 patients were discharged yesterday, bringing up 85,524 people recovered since the start of the pandemic. CABA’s health system reported 994 new coronavirus cases for non-residents of the City, bringing the cumulative total to 74,495, while 8 non-residents died (840 cumulative) and 1,196 were discharged (57,515 cumulative). Since the arrival of the pandemic in Argentina, at the beginning of last March, a total of 460,845 swabs were carried out in the city of Buenos Aires, with a cumulative positivity rate (confirmed cases on tests carried out) of 41.1%, of which 282,070 were performed to residents of the district, with a positivity rate of 41.1%. Of the total of the 4,518 swabs reported yesterday (43.4% positivity), 2,554 were made for residents of the City (37.8% positivity); meanwhile, in the last seven days, 6.9 tests were conducted per thousand inhabitants. On the other hand, it was reported that in the popular neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, yesterday 27 new cases of coronavirus were reported, while 44 people were discharged and no decesses were recorded. With the active search for the Detect plan, which is carried out together by City and Nation, 2,091 cases have been recorded so far in the Barrio Padre Mugica (ex villa 31); 4,074 in the Padre Ricciardelli district (ex villa 1-11-14); 4,231 in ward 21-24 (Barracas); 2,363 in the neighborhood 15 and 2,661 in neighborhood 20 (both of Villa Lugano), 1,089 in the Carrillo neighborhood and 250 in the Rodrigo Bueno neighborhood.1,221 cases were also confirmed in Balvanera; in Flores, 647; La Boca, 506; In Constitution, 414; Barracks, 439; Almagro, 576; Palermo, 560; in Pompeii, 312; Villa Soldati, 460; La Paternal, 300; Chacarita, 345; Chacabuco Park, 106; Boedo, 74; In San Cristobal, 272; Slaughterhouses, 255; Pick,123; San Telmo, 314; Horse, 305; Lugano, 421; at Parque Avellaneda, 204; Villa Ortúzar, 74; Belgrano, 137, in Coghlan, 7; in Villa Urquiza, 41; Crespo Villa, 43; Nunez, 19; Saavedra, 48 and Patricios Park, 70.As for geriatrics, 645 serological tests (60,199 cumulative) were reported yesterday with 25 positives (1,997 cumulative), while there were 12 cases (1,324 cumulative) with the disease in progress detected by the PCR test, which is performed to see if the person is taking Covid-19.In health centres , the Port Government reported 1,491 serological tests carried out yesterday to health workers, with a cumulative total of 270,880. Of that amount, 36 (7,246 accumulated) tested positive, while 12 (1,324 accumulated) workers were notified positive yesterday in PCR testing. Among the security and transit agents, the report reported that yesterday there were 1,001 antibody tests (111,830 cumulative) of which 64 tested positive (with a cumulative of 8,215), while there were 12 workers diagnosed with Covid-19 by PCR, so the amount of contagion in that sector is 1,539.

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