translated from Spanish: Give new list of colonies with more COVID and priority attention in CDMX

Mexico City authorities updated this Sunday the list of colonies with the most active cases of COVID-19 and receiving priority attention.
The 158 colonies listed record a total of 2,54 active cases, 36% of the total positive cases in the capital, the local government said.
Being in the priority care programme, «staff from the Ministry of Health and the Directorate-General for Citizen Participation will visit households (from these colonies) to provide information and guidance on COVID-19», and «Government Secretariat staff will have rapprochement with food traders prepared on public roads with the aim of preventing their installation».
For the following week, 16 new colonies were added to the program:
1. Romero Rubio, Venustiano Carranza
2. Simon Bolivar, Venustiano Carranza
3. Moctezuma 2nd section II, Venustiano Carranza
4. Moctezuma 2nd section III, Venustiano Carranza
5. America, Miguel Hidalgo
6. Tlaxpana, Miguel Hidalgo
7. Worker II, Cuauhtémoc
8. San Clemente, Alvaro Obregón
9. El Toro, La Magdalena Contreras
10. Barros Sierra, La Magdalena Contreras
11. Colored Land, La Magdalena Contreras
12. Lomas De Padierna II, Tlalpan
13. Heroes of Padierna I, Tlalpan
14. Holy Tomas Ajusco, Tlalpan
15. Lomas Star 2nd Section I, Iztapalapa
16. Havana, Tláhuac
And these 16 came off the list:
1. Lomas de Chamontoya, Alvaro Obregón
2. Martinique, Alvaro Obregón
3. Nuevo San Rafael (Barr), Azcapotzalco
4. Atlampa, Cuauhtémoc
5. Zentlapatl, Cuajimalpa De Morelos
6. San José De Los Cedros I, Cuajimalpa De Morelos
7. San José De Los Cedros II, Cuajimalpa De Morelos
8. CTM V Culhuacán (U Hab), Coyoacán
9. Saint John of Aragon 4th and 5th Section (U Hab) II, Gustavo A. Madero
10. Tlalpexco, Gustavo A. Madero
11. The Siphon, Iztapalapa
12. Cuauhtémoc, La Magdalena Contreras
13. Adolfo López Mateos, Venustiano Carranza
14. Moctezuma 2nd Section IV, Venustiano Carranza
15. La Draga, Tláhuac
16. Ejidos of St. Peter Martyr II (South), Tlalpan
Here you can download the full list
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