translated from Spanish: Interior handed over incidents for September 11: «There are violent groups that the only capacity they have is to destroy»

During this day, the Ministry of the Interior, together with Carabineros, took stock of the day of commemoration on 9/11. The day was marked by demonstrations in different points of the country, and also added acts of violence during the night and the early hours. According to the minister of the portfolio, Víctor Pérez, «there are violent groups that the only capacity they have is to destroy those groups we have to condemn them, isolate them and make them available to carabinieri». «The call is to manifest itself peacefully, in an orderly manner,» he added. As reported by the inspector general of Carabineros, Ricardo Yáñez, at the national level 120 events were held. After the dismantling, 108 people were arrested, 80% of them in the Metropolitan Region. The events left 16 Carabineros injured, as well as two injured people, a cyclist, and a child under the age of 14 who was hit in the face by a tear bomb in Villa Francia. The uniform, he argued that the injury would have been caused by «bounce of a gas that hits him in the jaw, was transferred to San Borja hospital, with a reserved diagnosis. (…) We deeply regret that there are injured people.» On the other hand, 19 police vehicles were damaged, some of which were the product of Molotov bombs. In addition, three Carabineros barracks attacked were added.» Compared to the previous year, the intensity was lower, there were more events, but the intensity was less,» Yáñez replied.

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