translated from Spanish: Oxford resumes clinical trials of coronavirus vaccine

Clinical trials for the AstraZeneca Oxford coronavirus vaccine, AZD1222, resumed in the UK following confirmation by the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) that it was safe to do so. On 6 September, the standard review process led to a voluntary pause in vaccination in all global trials to enable the review of safety data by independent committees and international regulators. 

GOOD NEWS ON OXFORD VACCINESays resume normally after passing the safety committee data review. Patient health data are still reserved. But test safety is guaranteed. — Fabricio Ballarini (@FabBallarini)
September 12, 2020

The UK committee concluded its investigations and recommended to the MHRA that it is safe to resume trials in the UK. AstraZeneca and Oxford University, as sponsors of the trial, cannot disclose data on the health of the affected patient, but the safety of the trial is guaranteed. In turn, all researchers and trial participants will be updated with relevant information and disclosed in global clinical records, in accordance with regulatory and clinical trial standards. The Company will continue to work with health authorities around the world and will be guided on when other clinical trials can be resumed to provide the vaccine broadly, equitably and non-profit during this pandemic. Source:

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