translated from Spanish: Paris said there are «people who criticize (…) maliciously» the plan «Anchor yourself in your house»: «It’s much more restrictive»

«Of course we remain concerned and will continue to make every effort to reduce the number of cases. Yesterday a record of examinations was broken and we reiterated the call for self-care measures,» Health Minister Enrique Paris said during this day, referencing the increase in Covid-19 cases in some regions of the country. The Secretary of State was focused on ensuring that «we have never said that we have defeated the pandemic. (…) And I repeat for the third time, we are very concerned, we will never deny reality.» Asked about the «Fondéate en tu Casa» plan, he questioned the voices that have emerged against the initiative and argued that «it is much more restrictive than what we had so far, which was planned in the Step by Step». In doing so, he added that with these sayings, he seeks «once and for all to clarify to the people he criticizes, I think maliciously, that this is a liberalisation of step by step. This is not the case, quite the opposite.» On the different versions delivered by people of Gibierno in previous days, specific about the capacity allowed in the celebrations of Fiestas Patrias, Paris added that «we are probably guilty, I am not saying no, that we have not communicated well». And in this line, he closed without without without without without «we have tried to communicate with the utmost clarity that this is much more restrictive than if we had kept the Step by Step as it was.»

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